Overall County Categories

County-wide categories. Vote in as many polls as you like. One vote per poll is allowed.

2 responses to “Overall County Categories

  1. I think rather than list the businesses you know about, leave the categories blank and let participants fill in their favorite. By listing a few of what’s available (i.e. YOUR idea of what the best restaurants are), leave it open. Suggesting a few choices limits the field. I would hate to think only the businesses that paid to be included made the lists, but it wouldn’t be the first time something like that happened in this world.
    Also, so many categories of services are missing. Pilates, for example. There are many Pilates studios and instructors in this community and some are way above in quality than others. I don’t think you should bother having a survey at all if you can’t include everything.

  2. Hey Dee, it DOES include everything! Check the “other” box and fill in your own on any category. The list comes from already nominated items….making it possible to utilize a survey to tally results without a ton of human work! :)

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